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What is PinLite?

With PinLite you'll meet basic lighting needs of an isolated area, illuminating a mountain lodge, read at night in a tent or charge your mobile with ease to communicate wherever you are.

What is PinLite?

PinLite is a solar microstation that takes energy to where there is none.

What works for PinLite?

To illuminate and to charge a mobile device.

Uses: Iluminate

  • Basic Lighting of populated areas without any access to electricity.
  • A field house.
  • A shelter in the middle of the mountain.
  • A tent.
  • A funny conversation in the dark of the night.

Uses: Charge a mobile device

  • To communicate.
  • To be reachable by your family.
  • To read a book on your tablet.

PinLite advantages

  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Quality of Life.

PinLite is an ideal product for:

  • Populated areas without electricity.
  • Field sites with basic lighting needs.
  • Areas with basic communication needs.
  • Outdoor sports.
  • Camping.

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